Cosmetic Surgery becoming more popular in an appearance focussed society


BBC’s Radio 1 has recently undertaken the biggest ever survey on body image. More than 25,000 listeners filled in questionnaires online regarding how they felt about their bodies.

It may come of a surprise to find that half of the women who filled in the questionnaire said they would consider cosmetic surgery because they felt unhappy about how they looked. Breast enhancement was the most popular type of surgery they would opt for, whilst liposuction was popular with both males and females.

It seems that size is still very important to us all. One third of all the women who were over size 12 considered themselves to be overweight or fat. The opposite is true of the males who mostly want to be bigger and one in five men have taken protein supplements to beef up.

In this appearance focussed society it is becoming more acceptable to have cosmetic surgery. Rather than denying they have had any work done, more celebrities are flaunting their new bodies. Gemma Atkinson (actress in Hollyoaks) for example, was quoted in one popular magazine saying how a breast enlargement had helped to boost her career and Demi Moore has had various surgery. Make-over television shows like 10 Years Younger show how easy it is to achieve your dream look with the help of surgery.

In 2014 almost 29,000 surgical procedures were carried out by BAAPS members, which were up by 31.2% on 2005 figures. Douglas McGeorge, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said,

“These figures reflect the growing acceptance of aesthetic surgery, particularly in the areas of body contouring and anti-ageing. I attribute at least some of this trend to the continued media coverage which provides the public with an idea of what surgical procedures can achieve.”

According to Mr. Rajiv Grover, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS Council member responsible for the UK national audit of cosmetic surgery

“Judging by the dramatic rise in certain procedures, it is clear we are becoming a more body-image conscious society”.

And it’s not just in this country that cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. In a survey, conducted in South Korea in September 77.5% of the female respondents said that cosmetic surgery is necessary to make them look more attractive, whilst only 2.1% of the women surveyed said that cosmetic surgery is not necessary.

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