Interest free credit for a new you!


Med&Care, a UK cosmetic surgery group, has recently announced that they are offering 12 month interest free loans on their cosmetic surgery procedures which cost between £500 and £10,000. Previous financial incentives have included holiday vouchers and loyalty cards as well as current savings on certain surgery procedures if undertaken on particular days.

Surely, the ability to be able to spread the payments for a body we have always dreamed of, at no additional cost, is a good thing? Especially for those of us who don’t have City worker salaries but certainly want the body.

Sheldon Wilder, Newlookholiday’s sales and marketing manager has said,

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Mr. Wilder continues to argue that by offering such incentives it will stop people going abroad for treatments.

There is huge demand among patients who want procedures to be more affordable in the UK. . . . . this is just another way of making this happen.

But not everybody is as quick to agree. Douglas McGeorge, president of BAAPS (the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) has condemned the move as “irresponsible” whilst Dr Richard Lewis, the Welsh secretary of the British Medical Association has stated that “encouraging plastic surgery through financial incentives – is ethically questionable.”

Douglas McGeorge argues

“When considering aesthetic surgery, price should not rule. While the fees clearly need to be considered, it should never be the primary factor in selecting a plastic surgeon. The surgeon’s training, qualifications and experience are key to the success of cosmetic surgery.”

He went on to say that

My concern is they are using interest free loans as an incentive to get people through the door. It is very worrying. It is irresponsible. The whole push Transform has is to get as many people through the door as possible.
BAPRAS urges patients not to be unduly influenced to proceed with treatments when a financial inducement is the major factor in the decision. Expert advice, competent treatment and a clinical rather than commercial focus should underpin all decisions.

Dr Richard Lewis, Welsh secretary of the British Medical Association, said,

Cosmetic surgery which is not life-saving or life-changing should be undertaken only after very serious reflection. Anything that promotes patients to undertake these procedures at a much lower threshold – such as encouraging plastic surgery through financial incentives – is ethically questionable.

Sheldon Wilder, sales and marketing director at Med&Care, said,

We wanted to establish a more affordable option and 0% finance packages are something we are all familiar with in our everyday lives, especially when making large purchases. There is huge demand among patients who want procedures to be more affordable in the UK so they can avoid going abroad for treatment, and this is just another way of making this happen.

Whilst most of us would agree with Mr McGeorge, that cosmetic surgery is not something that should be considered without great thought and looking at all options, not of all of us have an endless amount of cash. If people are serious about cosmetic surgery and it is not affordable here in the UK many will go abroad. Cosmetic Surgery surely should not just be an option for the rich and should we be forced abroad?

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